Skit SLAM 2017 - Los Angeles

Skit SLAM 2017 is the annual fund raiser stage play event to support the free theatre arts and filmmaking programs. The girls did an amazing job and learned quite a bit about the art form. Special Thanks to Morris, Manning & Martin LLP, Compton Youth Activities League, parents, guardians and every one else that assisted in a successful show.

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Meet The Artist - Los Angeles Theatre Arts

The most recent partnership is with Compton Youth Activities League. This was first acting class and experience for all the kids involved. What a reward for Front and Center!

Social Justice Talk - Los Angeles

kiki Finley giving a motivational talk to about 50 young male graduating high school seniors; strongly encouraging them to stand prideful in their Kingdom and never compromise to subjects that dim the light they carry.

Meet The Artist - Atlanta Radio Visit

Meet The Artist - Atlanta kids make more than just short film score. They also make radio show appearances to talk about the program and how it benefits them. Being guest on a live radio show was the first experience for these two Front and Center artists.

Hair and Makeup Classes at Community Day School (South Central Los Angeles)

These lovely young ladies were apart of a hair & makeup pilot program at Community Day School in South Central Los Angeles.

Meet The Artist - Atlanta Film Scoring Class

In partnership with Dekalb County Juvenile Court's Rebound Program, these  young men took advantage of donated studio time by PatchWerk Recording Studios to produce beats.

Meet The Artist - Atlanta (Theatre/Film 2012)

One of Front and Center's first Atlanta classes with kids from the Dekalb County Juvenile Court Rebound Program.