Front and Center Theatre Productions currently offers each student:

  • Pre and post testing in reading and math related to performance arts, 2 productions per year & certificate of completion
  • Academic credit recovery
  • Leadership skills
  • Business acumen
  • Communications
  • Financial literacy
  • Access and opportunities to explore career, entrepreneurial, or cultural interests


Academic and research– Youth learn to enhance skills by researching historic events, and performance roles .

Youth also improve problem solving, reading skills while analyzing contracts, call sheets, scene writing, scene building and story boards.

Leadership skills– Personal confidence boosting, coping skills related but not limited to peer pressure, gang life, drug use, sexual abuse, mental abuse and bullying. Youth also learn how to become better role models by exemplifying ethics behind consequences that follow actions.

Business acumen– Youth develop business savvy by utilizing social media while attending mock interviews and auditions. They also learn the differences between appropriate and inappropriate attire during follow-up business transactions, contract negotiating and interviews. The organization also assist in resume building, and biography writing.

Communications- Public speaking, production meetings, table reading with cast, annunciation, voice projection, eye contact and other non-verbal communication, stage managing, and producing.

Financial literacy– Firm financial quote rates, knowledge of self- worth, and rate negotiation

Access and opportunities to explore career, entrepreneurial, or cultural interests– internships with professional production teams with complementary certificate of completion